Order Up: Custom Gear


We currently have a 2-3 week turn around

Custom Bag

Step 1: Choose shape

30-60-90: $70

45-45-90: $60

Half Triange: 85$

Full Triangle: 125$

Gas Tank: $60

Step 2: Choose Colors

  1. Choose from the image carousel below


  1. Pick out a color scheme from another bag posted on the site

OTTERTEX® CANVAS WATERPROOF FABRICContent: 100% Polyester, PVC Backing.Dimensions: 0.55mm Thickness, 600 x 600 Denier.Cold Crack: -10°F / -23°CStrength: 50,000 Circles (ASTM D4966), Tear: warp 74.83N weft 55.07N; Tensile: warp: 1473.08, weft 727.42

Step 3: Bike Dimensions

The best part about custom gear is it's custom! Our bags will fit like a glove, all we need from you are a few bike dimensions so we can get the sizing right.

If you are ordering a frame bag of any size we will need this sizing. If you are ordering a gas tank bag, we will not.

For the USA friends, imperial (inches).If you are a metric person, go metric. All other forms of measurement will not be considered.

Example Photo:

Please show you measuring the bike, and make the photo as clear as possible.

This is VERY important for correct sizing and a perfect fit.. so take your time.

Step 4: Email us!

Drop us a line at boneshakerbikebags@gmail.com and let us know you're ready to take the plunge into fabulous bike gear.

Please include:

1. Bike brand, model and size (year, if you know it)

2. A clear profile view photo of your entire bike

-Please include a photo of how you measure the bike (see above)

3. The three size dimensions listed above

-If your frame is not a true triangle we will likely have clarifying measurement questions

4. Bag color preferences or theme

5. If you have any specific bag attachment requests

6. Your shipping address

Generally, we have a turn around time of 2-3 weeks (●'◡'●)

We will be in touch shortly to finalize the details to make all your biking dreams come true!

Custom Gear PRICING:

All custom orders will be charged a 25$ 'custom fee' to the bag shape of choice. E.g. Half Frame bag 75$ + 25$ custom fee = 100$ :)

Pricing may be subject to change based on bag complexity.

All orders will be charged a flat shipping rate of 10$.

Custom colors for bag shapes we already have in production WILL NOT be charged a custom bag fee

Payment will be required prior to shipment, please!!

We look forward to hearing from you! :)